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This is only my 2nd fanfic but i hope yall enjoy.
Summary: What if Isolde did go with Tristan when his boat was discovered on Ireland.

chapter 1:
"Come with me." Tristan looked deep into Isolde's eyes. Please say yes. I can't live without you!  Was his silent plea he hoped she got.
"I....I..." I can't but I want to. "I can't." She barely whispered.
"Please i don't think I can live without you. I can't live knowing you are out there somewhere and I could be with you at that very second."

"I...ok I'll go." I'll have to tell him the truth about me. Will he understand? Will he still want to be with me? Isolde got into the boat with the help of Tristan. He smiled at her before he began rowing. The night soon came and they could no longer see each other. Now is the perfect time. thought Isolde. She felt it was better to tell him when she could nto make out his face than wait till the morning and see the pain that would crush her heart.

"I'm not Bragnae. I'm not a lady in waiting at the court. My mother is dead, but my father is alive." She barely whispered the words, but she knew he heard her.
"What?....Who are you?" Tristan pushed back his sudden rise of anger. She may have lied, but I love her.
"I'm Isolde I am..."
"...the king's daughter." Tristan finished for Isolde. He was beyond shocked. Definitely not who I thought she was going to say she was. They both fell asleep in silence. Isolde to afraid to break it for fear of his words and Tristan was simply whipped out from rowing the boat. Isolde woke first and began preparing a small breakfast with fruit she had put into the boat.

"Mmm I should let you wake up first more often then I won't have to make breakfast." Tristan sent a smile her way.
"More often?" Isolde questioned. More often? Does that mean he isn't going to abandon me once we reach shore? The light sparkled in her eyes again. "But you didn't talk to me last night after I told you the truth."
"Well if you rowed the boat at all yesterday you would have been tired too." Tristan laughed at her shocked expression. He moved over to where she sat and pulled her in for a kiss. Things quickly became heated as he ran his hands roamed uo and down Isolde's sides. If only we weren't sailing Tristan pulled away against his own will.

"Gotta sail..." He explained with disappointment. Isolde pulled him back for one last kiss and told him to hurry home. The rest of the journey went by quickly. Land was in view and Tristan rowed faster.
"How much for a horse?" Tristan asked a man by the coast.
"It'll be...Tristan!!" The man cried with shocked joy. "Free for you and your lady! What happened? Tell me everything." The man lead Tristan and Isolde over to the horse stable and accompanied them on the journey.

"Nervous?" Isolde asked reaching for Tristan's shaking hand.
"I've never brought a woman home before." Tristan confessed with a goofy smile.
"Well there is a first time for everything." Gosh I sound so corny. Isolde thought to herself.
"Welcome to my home." Tristan bent down to whispered in Isodle’s ear as they walked into the city. He gave her a quick kiss before people began recognizing him.

"Tristan!!!!" Several people cried out. Look at my man! Isolde thought. I always knew he was an amazing person. People ran up to touch him and see if he is real.
"Tristan?" Lord Marke could not believe his eyes. He has...returned. He gave Tristan and bone crushing hug. "Thank the lord! and who may I ask is this?"
"Isolde my fiancée." Tristan's replied shocked everyone who was around. Tristan reached for Isodle's hand and smiled looking into her eyes.

"Where is Isolde?" King Donnchadh questioned.
"We don't know, but the British are building forces again. What will we do?"
"Offer a great reward to the one who finds my daughter." King Donnchadh replied. Finally Isolde did something useful.

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