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chapter 3
Oh no this can not be happening! I must have heard something wrong! Isolde had been on her way to meet up with Tristan when she overheard Marke talking to some man. How could Melot go off to see the my father without Marke knowing it? Isolde quickly left before she could be discovered.

Where is Isolde? It's hard to believe she would be late. Tristan began to fidget feeling uneasy.
"Tristan...I..." Isolde tried to tell Tristan what she heard but found it to be difficult since she was out of breath.
"What is it? Calm down and then tell me." Tristan suggested and began rubbing circles on Isoldes back to calm her.
"Melot went to see my father about me." Isolde finally told Tristan what she had heard.

"How come Marke didn't stop him?" Tristan felt bad for thinking Marke would let Melot go and pretend not to know.
"He seemed as surprised as us to hear the news. I suppose he just went off this morning without telling anyone where he was going." Isolde moved towards Tristan seeking the comfort his arms give her. Tristan pulled her close to her resting his chin on her head.

"Let's not worry about it right now. We don't know that anything bad is going to happen."  Tristan tried using his words to calm Isolde. He could feel her heart beating as rapidly as his. Who am I fooling? I am terrified that  Melot may figure everything out. Tristan attempted to push his negative thoughts away to comfort Isolde.
"Come with me." Tristan reached for Isolde's hand and lead them down a small, empty path.

"Where are we going?" Isolde questioned since she had never been down the walkway before.
"You'll see." Tristan smiled looking down at Isolde. She smiled back and gave him a quick kiss.
" is amazing." Isolde stared at the scene before her. The sun had begun setting and the river was lit with a million different colors. Flowers had begun to fall from tree earlier covering various parts of the river. Isolde walked towards the candles she just noticed.

"I thought with everything going on that we needed a place to be us again." Tristan kissed Isolde's shoulder then walked down to the candles. "I had some of my friends bring the candles and food down when I had you distracted.
"It's beautiful." Isolde gave Tristan a proper kiss before sitting down.

"Lately I have been thinking about our future. With you I see everything. As long as I have you I will do anything." Tristan glanced down feeling a little embarrassed for confessing his thoughts. The embarrassment quickly left as he relaxed being near Isolde.
"I feel the same way." Isolde whispered held many emotions. Tristan pulled Isolde onto his lap. She welcomed his embrace and laid back against him. I love you.
"I love you too." Tristan replied laughing a little since he knew Isolde thought she did not say the words out loud.

Tristan awoke to the sound of water splashing around him. Since when had the river been outside my window? Maybe it is just rain. Tristan moved a little and pulled Isolde closer. He suddenly woke up as he realized they were still by the river. He moved to wake Isolde but paused for a second. She looks so beautiful. Tristan found himself smiling just looking at her.

"Isolde! wake up." Isolde moaned in protest at first then, like Tristan, realized where they were.
"Well I guess it is time to get back." Isolde sheepishly said. Tristan laughed and they walked back into town. What’s happening? Tristan looked down at Isolde and saw the same question in her eyes.

"Melot has returned with some woman from Ireland. She is said to be Isolde's maid here to identify her and help us look." A passerby said noticing that both Tristan and Isolde seemed confused. Isolde fearfully looked up at Tristan. We have to run! There is no other way to be together! Well maybe Brangane won't say anything.
"Everything will be fine." Tristan whispered in Isolde’s ear. I hope so at least. Tristan thought, as he became very nervous.

"Isolde!" Brangane screamed as she noticed Isolde next to Tristan in the crowd. She ran over to her and gave her a big hug.
"Brangane please don’t..." Isolde was about to finish but was cut off by Melot.
"So this is the princess Isolde?" He questioned trying to confirm his suspicion.
"No this is my friend Isolde. Isolde is a popular name." Brangane felt Isolde relax against her. My poor girl has gotten herself so messed up. At least she is in love. Brangane thought as she noticed the looks Tristan and Isolde gave each other.

I feel like such a fool. I have basically betrayed both Tristan and Marke for no reason. Melot felt a wave of guilt.
Tristan felt angry as he looked over at his long time friend. I understand his reasons, but how can I not feel this way about him now? Tristan tried to dispel his feelings of disgust. He glanced at Marke to find Marke slightly angry. He wants Isolde to be discovered..I think. Tristan sadly looked at his family. He glanced at Isolde and felt happy forgetting everything.

I am a horrible father for hoping Melot would succeed. I can make up for that.I have to/. Marke looked between Tristan and Isolde. They are so in love how can I think to break that? I would be a hypocrite. Marke finally accepted Tristan's unspoken decision.
Tristan looked over at Marke to see his acceptance. Tristan smiled feeling at ease for the first time since Brangane showed up.

(sorry if it doesnt flow. have to hurry for my sisters confermation!)

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