Laura (irish_turkey) wrote in ti_fanfic,

Title: Like Father, Like Son
Fandom: Tristan + Isolde (2006)
Characters: Isolde
Word Count: 137
Rating: PG
Summary: Isolde watches as her son trains to be a warrior

Isolde stood next a wooden wall, watching her eleven year old son.

It had been twelve years since Tristan’s death, twelve years since she’d been with a man, and twelve years since she’d been known as Isolde.

She was now known as Mary, living in a small village in Scotland, with her son James.

James was fighting with other boys, using a wooden sword. Marke had told her stories of Tristan doing the same thing when he was young.

James got hit hard in the chest and fell to the ground, Isolde smiled as she watched him jump back up and continue fighting.

“Got the heart of a lion, that boy,” a man told her as he passed.

She smiled and nodded as James pushed his shaggy, light brown hair out of his eyes. “Just like his father.”
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